Feedback & Assessment

Methods for organising feed back and assessing impact.

  • Fishbowl

    A method for giving and receiving feedback in a group.

    < 20 pers.

    30 - 45 min.


  • Flash

    An easy to use tool for gaining feed back and increasing the participants' co-responsibility.

    < 20 pers.

    5 - 10 min.


  • Mud slinging

    This method promotes "fixing things before they are broken".

    < 30 pers.

    15 min.

    Post-it notes

  • Receiving and evaluating feedback

    Tips for receiving and evaluating feedback.




  • Stage by stage

    A chronological presentation of the course content provides an opportunity to give a final review of what has been achieved. The actual scoring lets the participants reflect on the different stages.

    < 24 pers.

    20 min.

    Flipchart paper, markers, sticky dots

  • Strengths and pitfalls

    This is a simpler version of Ofman's core value model, which highlights the link between a person's strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of one's "pitfalls" helps to put to better use the underlying strengths.


    15 - 30 min.


  • Unfinished sentences

    This is an easy and effective method for getting feed back on the course.

    < 24 pers.

    15 - 20 min.

    Flipchart paper, markers