Getting to Know Each Other & Ice Breaking

Methods for familiarising, overcoming tension, and learning about expectations.

  • A part of me

    “A part of me” is an easy method to use for making the beginning of the course more lively. It also works in groups where the participants are already familiar with each other.

    < 20 pers.

    10 - 15 min.


  • Introduction round

    The most common method for participants to introduce themselves.

    < 24 pers.

    5 - 10 min.


  • Learning names

    People will memorise all of the participants' names in a short period of time.

    < 20 pers.

    30 min.


  • Partner interview

    This is an effective method for overcoming the stiffness typical when beginning work in groups where the participants are not familiar with each other. Attention is turned away from the trainer and towards the participants, thus establishing positive group dynamics.

    < 20 pers.

    20 - 30 min.


  • Relating to the topic

    Besides getting to know each other, this method provides the trainer with some insights in the participants' backgrounds, motivations, and interests. In addition, the participants start becoming familiar with the course content.

    < 20 pers.

    20 min.

    Cardboard cards, flipchart markers