Interaction & Sharing Experience

Methods for facilitating participants' sharing of knowledge and experience.

  • Bee hive

    This method promotes interaction within the group, helps participants absorb the presented information, and gives them the opportunity to present their questions or further needs.


    15-20 min.


  • Detectives

    This method takes away the attention from the trainer and provides space for the participants to share their expertise, thus demonstrating that their experience and knowledge is valued.

    < 30 pers.; in teams of 4 – 6 people

    30 min.

    Paper and pens for taking notes

  • Examples from life

    Gained information is applied to real-life situations and gives the participants the possibility to relate the course content to their own experiences.

    < 20 pers.

    60 min.

    Paper and pens for taking notes, flipchart paper