Goal pyramid

Preparing for change can be compared to a journey - the first step is to determine where you want to go to. This method can also be used for setting learning objectives.





How to build your goal pyramid?

Goal pyramid

Draw a triangle and divide into three parts.

In the top section write down what you want to accomplish, for example:

  • Sell your wife's silk paintings on the internet.
  • Change your family's eating habits towards a healthier and more sustainable diet.
  • Spend less time on writing reports.

In the middle section write down your intermediate goals - steps you need to take in order to get closer to your main goal.

In the bottom section write down your short-term goals - tasks you have undertake in order to implement the intermediate goals.

Variation: you can draw a goal pyramid to set a time frame for reaching your goal.

1st example: Setting goals

Setting goals

2nd example: Setting tasks and a time frame

Setting tasks and a time frame


Here you can see other examples of goal pyramids.